Long Distance Movers

Erisken is one of the companies that is well known for facilitate long distance relocation for both commercial and residential companies. The team that we have hired has mastered the art of making sure that we move our customers cargo with speed and this is a major plus for us as we are able to make sure that all our customers get served and actually get value for the money that they spend on our services.

We have a fleet of trucks that we use for this purpose and they are well maintained. The drivers that also drive these trucks have the best experience on the road and this make it possible for them to drive for long distances for months without having to make any accidents or tampering with the clients cargo.

We are also in the process of improving our operations and we will soon launch a feature on our website that will allow us to generate quotes for all our customers within the shortest time possible. This will greatly helped to move the company ahead and also improve the services that we are offering without making any changes to our prices or working ethics.

We are also the global transporters of machines across continents and so if you are planning to set up a company in the developing countries such as Kenya then we are happy to assist you do that.

Call us for the best and affordable long distance moving services.